Monday, 15 January 2018

CSP M VID: 1D History

You have 2 music video CSPs, this and a contrasting Arctic Monkeys vid.
(but there is generally some overlap with others!)

we will start on Audience by looking to link aspects of Andrew Goodwin's theory to what we think may be the target audience(s).

Apply the GA(W)PS format to an initial analysis of the possible audience. Give some precise textual detail to back up your points.

Apply at least one of Goodwin's conventions to reinforce your audience analysis. Again, provide precise denotation to back up your analysis: timing, shot types, edits etc.

Here's the video:


UK chart position.
Billboard feature using numbers to highlight their success.
Spotify [link for track; look at artist listing].
Rolling Stone feature on the video. on how tour revenue far exceeded music sales revenue.
Below is a summary of Goodwin's theory; there is more than you need here!!!

Here's a further range of theory that might be applied - again, this is MUCH more than you need, so you should be aiming to pick out and apply at least one of these, and at least one aspect of Goodwin:

(this post is ongoing as a hub for this CSP. I'll add a sub-heading list at the top when I've time)

Here's a ppt (which I'll add to at some stage...) providing a quick overview of the industry KC as it applies to music. You should see how audience/industry are overlapping, interconnected areas...


For interesting points on representation see this article about an unusual American 'boyband' art collective who compare themselves to 1D. NOTE: the article contains some strong language.
'We’re darker than other boybands – but we’re still very American': how Brockhampton broke the mould

post-1D solo videos have also brought up interesting cases of less restricted representation (bisexual) than was the case with 1D's promos. See this post.

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