Tuesday, 20 February 2018

CSP M VID Arctic Monkeys - I Bet You Look Good on the Dancefloor


The official video:

Note the lack of audience - quicker + easier to shoot with continuity, and therefore cheaper; could be costly assembling an audience + keeping them there long enough for multi-shoots too. Verisimilitude is clearly important though: the guitar leads are plugged in, the sweat is flying, the performance is high energy, reinforced by selectively fast-paced editing (use of short takes).

The new consolidated YouTube channel.
Firth suggests there are 3 types of video: performance, narrative, concept; it is common to combine performance + 1 of the others, but, as noted above, this is performance only (again: cheaper); higher budgets would come with chart success.

Is this their most successful video? Not by a long shot as these screenshots from (the new YouTube-consolidated - used to be the VEVO artist channel*) their official channel:    *read more here, look for UGC TAKES A HIT section


Another video, useful to reference - the social realist style links well to their determination to maintain a credible, 'authentic' image. John Moule commented on these videos (which he worked on) that the band, especially for a young, new, not established act, were exceptionally determined to control the creative process themselves. Its more common for an auteur director, or simply record company/management, to oversee the key creative decision-making for a video; pitches are often presented to a band (or their label/management) to okay, few bands come up with their own detailed proposals.


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