Tuesday, 13 December 2016

MUSIC VIDEO conventions research

To help evidence research into, and knowledge + understanding of, the media language of music videos, you need to analyse a wide range of examples.

From this, you should generate several well-illustrated pages with a summary (which you split into as many smaller topics, or put alongside aspects of your planning as you wish):
  1. the general media language (conventions; what makes it recognisable from other types of media text) of the format
  2. the media language specific to your genre/artist
You can see in this post on my blog dedicated to music video and the music industry (a very helpful resource for you to use), just a few of the elements you could pick out - here's a screenshot of some of those (from a much longer list):

So - you're looking for screenshots that will help you illustrate conventions. Always name the artist, track and year for any video you reference. If you can also screenshot 1 or more YouTube playlists (of videos you've viewed/analysed for your research) from your own channel, this helps show the range and depth of your research.

I will play you annotated clips from some videos I've blogged on, done an earlier vodcast on, and added to a playlist. We will pause after each clip so you can see if you can spot at least 1 more possible 'convention' demonstrated by this video. That might include any of Goodwin's points (he sums up six features that his research claims define the typical music video). You will find the necessary hyperlinks in this very useful post.

For The Pixies example, look again at this post...

We'll start with a discussion of the first 75 seconds of this...


Monday, 12 December 2016

MUSIC VIDEO research and planning evidence portfolio

An overview on how you might present research + planning evidence.
REPRESENTATION points to be added. 

Use the theory tag to find more posts outling terms and concepts you should seek to apply - and you should of course be using handouts from Year 10.


Wednesday, 7 December 2016

MUSIC VIDEO 2016-17 Y11 rough to final cuts playlist

Playlisting is a great tool - a handy way for you to remember (and evidence, through screenshotting) which videos you've viewed for your research. You could (as I do) split this up into multiple themed playlists.

I'll gather your samples, rough cuts and eventually final cuts in the playlist below. It would be useful if you comment on each others. You can also view many past A2 music videos through my channel, and look at current A2 blogs to see more as they progress.

I'm happy to comment on a blog post if you prefer - just email me a link to the post where you've embedded your latest cut.

Tuesday, 6 December 2016

MUSIC VIDEO musividz blog

Just so that you can always easily find this ... I have been blogging for years now on music video and the music industry on my musividz blog. You can find LOTS of material and analysis on all 4 of your GCSE Media Key Concepts.

Remember too that this is hyperlinked on my main blog list (igsmediablogs) - scroll down and its under the A2 list:

You can have a look at post titles using the blog archive (click on any arrows to reveal posts for that month/year) - 1st screenshot below - or tag cloud (2nd screenshot below).
I clicked on the arrow to the left of the months to see the posts for that month. This text appears using the caption tool: add an image, click on it, and you'll see options including 'add caption'.
This is just part of my tag cloud, reflecting the 500-odd posts I've done, most of which I eventually went back and retro-tagged to enable students to more easily find relevant material.

MUSIC VIDEO some theory Goodwin Firth Hall

Some useful theory that helps you get into Media Language, but also Audience, Representation and, to an extent, Institution. Remember that I've blogged a huge amount on music video and industry at my musividz blog (primary target audience A2 or university students, but feel free to ask about anything you've read on there).