Tuesday, 6 December 2016

MUSIC VIDEO musividz blog

Just so that you can always easily find this ... I have been blogging for years now on music video and the music industry on my musividz blog. You can find LOTS of material and analysis on all 4 of your GCSE Media Key Concepts.

Remember too that this is hyperlinked on my main blog list (igsmediablogs) - scroll down and its under the A2 list:

You can have a look at post titles using the blog archive (click on any arrows to reveal posts for that month/year) - 1st screenshot below - or tag cloud (2nd screenshot below).
I clicked on the arrow to the left of the months to see the posts for that month. This text appears using the caption tool: add an image, click on it, and you'll see options including 'add caption'.
This is just part of my tag cloud, reflecting the 500-odd posts I've done, most of which I eventually went back and retro-tagged to enable students to more easily find relevant material.

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