Tuesday, 13 December 2016

MUSIC VIDEO conventions research

To help evidence research into, and knowledge + understanding of, the media language of music videos, you need to analyse a wide range of examples.

From this, you should generate several well-illustrated pages with a summary (which you split into as many smaller topics, or put alongside aspects of your planning as you wish):
  1. the general media language (conventions; what makes it recognisable from other types of media text) of the format
  2. the media language specific to your genre/artist
You can see in this post on my blog dedicated to music video and the music industry (a very helpful resource for you to use), just a few of the elements you could pick out - here's a screenshot of some of those (from a much longer list):

So - you're looking for screenshots that will help you illustrate conventions. Always name the artist, track and year for any video you reference. If you can also screenshot 1 or more YouTube playlists (of videos you've viewed/analysed for your research) from your own channel, this helps show the range and depth of your research.

I will play you annotated clips from some videos I've blogged on, done an earlier vodcast on, and added to a playlist. We will pause after each clip so you can see if you can spot at least 1 more possible 'convention' demonstrated by this video. That might include any of Goodwin's points (he sums up six features that his research claims define the typical music video). You will find the necessary hyperlinks in this very useful post.

For The Pixies example, look again at this post...

We'll start with a discussion of the first 75 seconds of this...


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