Friday, 23 June 2017

TV reboots

Even better this time round: The Crystal Maze, Twin Peaks and our golden age of TV reboots

Tuesday, 20 June 2017

Summer work 2017

For current Year 10s entering Y11 in September 2017, your summer work tasks have been discussed, and are detailed in pages 9-10 of the guide below:

OPTIONAL: You will also have returned work from assignments 1 and 2, and can get ahead by re-drafting these during the summer.

As explained, email replies will be minimal until late July, but you will get a response. You should use your Office365 account to do so - and look out for new resources being added in August (which will be announced through Office365). You need to access your Office365 mail and click to join the class you've been invited to!

Wednesday, 17 May 2017

TV Game Show presenter - justifying your choice

There are similarities with your magazine cover star and film leads in what you need to consider and be prepared to write about:

AUDIENCE: Everything comes back to this in the end; all decisions need to be justifiable with reference to target audience. Remember you can split up and discuss the audience (type) in many ways:
  • primary (main; core), secondary
  • mainstream (eg a family audience!), niche
  • four quadrant (really a film term - say so if using it - but still a useful concept)
  • ABC1C2DE (socio-economic groups: high to low incomes, where ABC1s are targeted with complex, sophisticated media productions and C2DEs with simpler, less sophisticated productions; your range may be any range within this, eg C1C2DE for a gameshow with ANY element of sophistication or audience (intellectual) challenge
  • sophisticated, upmarket (ABC1) and tabloid, downmarket (C2DE) is another way of describing these
  • Uses and gratifications model!!! Also vital for...

Monday, 24 April 2017

TV Game Show exam tasks

You have now been given your exam prelim material (see below). You need to research a range of issues in preparation for this...


Key points to consider:
  1. your idea would be pitched to a digital channel, NOT a terrestrial or free-to-air channel
  2. they've asked members of the public to pitch, perhaps further connoting low budget...
  3. it must have a USP
    • you'll quickly see there are MANY competing game shows
    • what will make YOURS stand out?
  4. it must appeal to all the family, younger, older, male, female (four quadrants)
    • look at how shows like Family Fortunes tried to appeal to a family audience
    • think carefully about Key Concepts Representation/Media Language: the presenter/s, set, contestants, task or competition - and difficulty level of any questions or challenges (can younger viewers engage, or (U+G theory!) identify?) 
    • the programme title itself is very important - and, just like a magazine masthead, you need to plan the look of this: you could search for a specific font and mock this up, just be prepared to denote the font (serif, bubble, case, colour etc)
  5. "the focus on the family audience must be clear from the opening title sequence" 
    • be prepared to storyboard your title sequence
  6. the slot is Saturday evening primetime, scheduled for autumn
    • research what shows currently hold these slots
    • a good sign of success is it coming back for more than one year or season!!!
  7. viewers at home must be able to play along in some way: audience interactivity, engagement
  8. social media/e-media are vital to promoting the show and brand + increase the audience
    • this could also be about monetising: SMS/premium rate phone voting or competition entry, but also (freemium?) apps, board games, DVD games etc
    • be prepared to draw a website, app or social media home page (or more)
    • research existing examples
  9. your idea needs to be backed up with evidence from existing, successful game shows

Friday, 31 March 2017

TRAILERS The It remake

This is a side-by-side comparison of the upcoming 2017 version and the original 1990 TV minseries, a useful example of how important UNoriginality plays in a film industry that recognises the difficulty in marketing new ideas, and seeks to draw in secondary older audiences through nostalgia.


Wednesday, 29 March 2017

FILM pitching

Use your practice pitch, and notes/handouts to help develop a strong pitch - the process of presenting a film proposal to film financiers/distributors, trying to convince them to risk money on your movie.

Your pitch should be backed by a PowerPoint or video with plentiful, frequent, relevant illustration.

This needs to be emailed (a YouTube link if video) before the Friday 7th April lesson. You will also Monday's lesson to work on this.

It should address:

In no more than 2 sentences, sum up the narrative.
State at least 2 films this has similarities to (explain how), noting their box office + which audience/s you think those examples appeal to.
RESEARCH TIP: if you google 'film title box office' you might find useful analysis on the audience, or just try 'film title audience' - Avatar example1; example2.