Monday, 25 January 2016

FILM posters 2015 Year 10 drafts

These students will be returning to make some revisions to these, but this gives you an idea of what you will ultimately be producing. Note, however, that the quality of your research and initial analysis, including a clear consideration (building on Assignment One's focus on Media Language and Audience) on Representation, is just as important as your construction.

Adam has done well with font selection, the layout of the 'billing block', the technical and company logos, release date, the inclusion of a URL ... It is important to incorporate ORIGINAL photography in your poster though, and social media should be considered. Ratings/quotes from reviews (picking the source well is crucial), rearranging the stars' billing, an age rating could also be added.
What would you change on Evie's poster?
Yes, there's a typo, but Ismini crafted the main image herself - it is NOT a googled image!


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