Tuesday, 14 June 2016

MAGAZINE assignment 1 Intro to Media marking criteria

Below you can find the official marking criteria for the cross-media assignment.

Click image to enlarge.

Click read more to see the assessment criteria (how marks/grades are awarded) for THIS assignment.

These are the 'Assessment Objectives' that marks are awarded for on the coursework unit

A reminder of how this fits in to the overall coursework unit:

How the exam board describe this assignment.
Note - the Key Concepts of Media Language and Audience are highlighted ... but you can reflect on Representation and Institution too!

This is the exam broad brief for the magazine task we work on:

This should be around 150 words of an overall 700 word maximum.

The key goal is to detail (denote) your Media Language choices and analyse WHY you chose these: how your media language would attract a specific audience/s (primary, secondary).

To help back up your analysis, you can reference examples of magazine covers - this doesn't have to be just the one you have submitted.

You should use SMALL images to help illustrate your points: parts of your/existing mag covers to directly illustrate a point.
Remember that Media Language includes terms specific to magazines; shot types, angles, lighting, mise-en-scene; fonts; semiotics; audience terms/theories, etc.

Below - click read more for the actual assessment criteria:

Show your independent research by using the magazine publisher's readership profile - they provide this for advertisers, who need to know what they're paying for, if the readership is the market they are targeting.
You can generally find this on the publisher website (google 'magazine name publisher'), but you can also try magazine name magazine readership profile, for example, I tried this for Time magazine...



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