Wednesday, 27 April 2016

Sci-Fi Films on YouTube

You can find more than just trailers on YouTube: many older films, now out of copyright, are viewable in full, plus many more recent examples (rights holders get paid for advertising that YouTube inserts).

The following YouTube search will bring up multiple playlists of full movies:
science fiction films full movie
I've created playlists using some of these, plus newer examples (trailers, not full movies) - you can create your own too to help with your research (you could save features, documentaries etc as well as films/trailers).

The links below are for BBFC pages, explaining why they got this rating - all the same bar the last two...
Avatar, The Force Awakens, Cowboys vs Aliens, X-Men: Days of Future Past, Terminator Genisys, Pacific Rim, Paul, Men in Black 3

We will use this 1950 movie (Destination Moon) as an example for initial analysis, thinking about issues such as representation of gender, business/government, enemy/threat/'the other', mise-en-scene...

This is a better known 'classic':

This one you may have read!

Hybridity isn't a new idea...

A good example of how postmodern irony has become common - and how some movies do target an older primary target audience!

A good example of hybridity:


By another YouTuber ('User')

50s/60s + some older sci-fi...

Recent sci-fi film trailers
In order: AvatarThe Force AwakensCowboys vs AliensX-Men: Days of Future PastTerminator GenisysPacific RimPaul, Men in Black 3


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