Monday, 26 September 2016

BBFC visit

We'll review our visit to the BBFC HQ with 3 simple questions:
  1. What was the most surprising/shocking/interesting thing you saw or heard?
  2. Sum up the differences between PG, 12 and 15 (and the others, U and 18, if you have time), using real examples from BBFC Insight
  3. What industry is the film industry age classification body the BBFC also starting to work in, and why will this be problematic/difficult?
A simple 'bbfc' google indicates the range of great features of the BBFC site. Screenshot below
To learn more about the BBFC, you can access their excellent education service through their website. I have also blogged on the BBFC on several of my blogs, but especially on the 'mediareg' [media regulation, an A2 exam topic] blog; you can use the BBFC tag to find any post I've tagged as being linked to the BBFC, but might find this post especially interesting. Do note that I've commented on 18-rated films, but haven't embedded 18-rated content. I embedded videos, such as interviews with BBFC censors, in this post.

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