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MAGAZINE COVER Kick it into shape


ASSIGNMENT ONE introduces two of the four Key Concepts for GCSE Media: MEDIA LANGUAGE (what) and AUDIENCE (why/who). In all 3 assignments you will be analysing existing media texts, and detailing what is in them (the media language used) as well as why those choices were made.

When we consider AUDIENCE, age and gender are the minimum requirements, although wealth is among other factors we can consider.

Follow the steps below. You have 3 periods to work on this. If you don't complete STEP SIX in lesson time this must be done as homework for the next lesson. We will do STEP SEVEN together when I return. Note: you can start designing your actual magazine idea NOW!

THE MAGNIFICENT 7...STEPS [make sure you click on the read more link!!!]

A3 sheets have been provided; these are on the teacher desk beside the Mac.

As before, you're not just identifying where you see these features (MEDIA LANGUAGE), but also considering and writing why you think these are designed in the way they are (who they're aimed at: AUDIENCE, being clear on how means accurately describing [denoting] the media language choices made).

This cover is missing some of the features we'd expect to see (and therefore you must include when you design your own magazine concept and cover). Use an arrow/line to show where these would go on the KiCK cover, with details of the actual MEDIA LANGUAGE you think the designer should use (phrases etc) and a short explanation of why (how you think this will appeal to the target audience)

Write one or more paragraph/s (in your books or on the back of this A3 sheet) on who you think this magazine is aimed at, being clear on why (provide at least 3 pieces of evidence from the text to support your argument). You should cover the gender/s and age range you think it targets (and any other details, or demographics* you think are useful).    *categories of people, eg nationality

Write one or more paragraph/s (in your books or on the back of this A3 sheet) on why it is important that any magazine has a clear target audience, AND on who the actual target audience for this magazine is. Use the KiCK magazine website to research this.
EXTENSION TASK: If you finish a clear, detailed written analysis before others you could also write about how well YOU think the designer has reflected the publisher's target audience, picking out details that do this well ... as well as any you think should be changed (explaining how you would change these, or make any further alterations).
Magazine publishers often target a range of audiences of different ages, genders and income levels through a range (portfolio) of titles, though some are specialist publishers targeting a specific type of audience across their portfolio, possibly offering attractive discounts to advertisers to appear in several of their titles.

We have considered the design of mastheads and how this reflects the brand and the audience targeted. Look at the website for the publisher of the magazine, Kennedy Publishing, and write one or more paragraph/s analysing what type of audience it is a specialist in targeting (providing clear evidence to back up your points). Include details on masthead design.
This is just a screenshot; you can CMD-click the image to open as a larger image in a new tab. Use the hyperlink above to visit the website I took this screenshot from.


We need to learn more about both MEDIA LANGUAGE and AUDIENCE before constructing the main coursework production, but we can begin practicing designing a cover that clearly reflects a specific target audience through the design of the expected features.

As you will for the GCSE Media exam*, you have been given a brief to fulfil. This specialist publisher wants to expand, and begin to add adult audiences to its portfolio, so have asked an expert designer (you!) to come up with an adult version of KiCK! with a fresh new name and masthead.

Complete the A3 worksheet to detail how you would design all the expected features of this new magazine's cover for its first edition, and sketch out [drawing skills are unimportant; stick men are fine] the layout. You have a second A3 sheet to draft your ideas (and can use the back of the worksheet). Make sure its clear which is your final design.

As you've done with the Ride and KiCK! covers, label the features and justify the media language used in terms of the target audience.
*you can find more on the exam in this post, and using the blog tag 'exam', but if you want to read these do so at home, not in these lessons!

Kennedy Publishing have gathered their crack design team together to discuss and review their proposals. This will begin with each of you spending 5 minutes on each of the other designs, and writing a short but specific comment on 1 feature you particularly like (explaining why you think it successfully targets the audience) and 1 you would tweak or change (explaining how).

We will discuss which has best met the publisher's brief and why.
Remember: you can start gathering ideas for your actual magazine concept, audience and design now - including researching actual examples as we are now!

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