Monday, 24 October 2016

ASSGMT 3: Music video PITCHING

Pitching is a common practice across the business world, not just the media industries - you may have seen pitching in any episode of The Apprentice for example.

When pitching you are trying to persuade a select audience, generally potential funders or financiers (though it can also be the band/artist in the case of music video, with directors mostly taking the creative lead in videos, not artists), that your idea is realistic and thought through, and that it has a clear target audience in mind and can successfully appeal to them (plus a secondary audience you would address too).

Pitches should be well illustrated, which in itself helps to show how well prepared you are, and that you have thought through the challenges your idea represents.

Your pitch therefore should have a PowerPoint or other means of having relevant illustrations on screen as you speak - at A-Level a video will be expected (you can do this if you choose), but Ppt is fine for GCSE. That needs to be emailed to me (not a Googledocs edit invite, an attachment) before the lesson.



It could be a sub-genre, and/or a hybrid genre. Don't rely on Wikipedia, but do make sure you're specific about the genre.

Be clear on both primary and secondary target audiences. You should apply the Uses + gratifications theory, as well as semiotic and other media language terms, as you refer to audience throughout your pitch. If your ideas aren't closely and clearly tied to a target audience, it will be a poor pitch.

In no more than 3 sentences (around a tweet), sum up your idea. Note how you'll combine performance footage (of the band/artist) and narrative, a basic expectation of almost all music videos.

The media industries don't always reward originality - just look at how the franchise system dominates film! Its vital you can link your ideas to existing examples. You will be doing detailed analyses of existing music videos as part of your research and planning portfolio for assignment 3, which is much longer than the other 2. Screenshots help to illustrate this.

Keep a record of all research, as you will need to select which evidence to submit on your research into audience, media language (genre, narrative, editing, shot types, mise-en-scene etc), institution (how the music industry and promo videos work) and representations (particularly tied to audience and genre). A blog is a useful platform for conveniently storing notes and digital files - if you ask I will guide you in setting up and posting in a blog, good preparation for A-Level but also simply a useful tool.

Describe, including detail on clothing (including footwear), hair, make-up (their look) of key characters - both performers and narrative characters. Denotation should be specific, for example: not jeans, not black jeans, but faded black skinny jeans with small rips.
Do cast members need any specific skills (dancing, lipsynching, playing instrument etc)?
Will you need to buy any costume?
Will you hold auditions?
If you can't take any photos, use googled images to illustrate the look you're after.
Think carefully about casting - if you're working on a video for a 5-piece band, it will be more challenging to not just cast but to get the cast together for filming.
How will your cast/characters reflect AND/OR attract your target audience (representation issues)?

Where will you film (it might be a list of options at this stage)? Provide images. As soon as possible, do some sample filming there.
Are there any issues with permission to film? If so, have you asked already?
Will weather be a factor in filming at your locations?
What set-dressing will you do to evidence you controlled mise-en-scene?
Can you compare your possible locations to any in existing music videos?

Sum up in what ways your video will be a convincing genre video, will attract your stated target audience, and, quite simply, will be an entertaining video an audience will want to watch repreatedly. You may want to highlight why others should work on YOUR idea.

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