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MUSIC VIDEO audience research

These A2 students created a video survey, embedded below

As this is a new topic for GCSE here, there aren't any past examples to show you - but you can take inspiration from some A2 Media work.

This document, aimed at A2 students, sets out some of the ways you can evidence audience research:

Here's the video questionnaire created by some past IGS A2 students, the greenscreen dream team of Amber and Conal; you see further down an example of other students answering this. A video questionnaire is a great way of organising this: it creates buzz, you can open it up to others by sharing the link (ask respondents to simply to note their answers (numbered!) including DN for don't know), and it helps to get a specific focus on music video.

You need to show you TESTED your initial judgement on a suitable target audience, and gathering SOME survey data on whether teens (or others) recognise your genre, artist or specific track is a good starting point. Getting some brief descriptions of what those vaguely familiar with the genre/artist expect to see is also useful.

Evidencing SOME use of social media to seek audience feedback (or other interaction) is very useful too - this can also show, if a suitable explanation is provided, the INSTITUTIONAL context of how important audience interaction has become. Browse through my musividz blog and you'll find lots and lots of posts on this topic and audience generally.

Below (1) an example of a video students made instead of a paper questionnaire and (2) an example of creating graphs from a student survey. SurveyMonkey has provided a template you could use (google search), but you should avoid having too many questions on. Aim for 10-20 responses. You can do this interview style (discussion group) and write up a summary of KEY POINTS (not everything that's said):

Audience Research For Video Ideas from vikee pease

The following links come from very simple  googles: just the band name; band name + magazine covers; band name + specific social media (etc).

[21 Pilots links: Twitter; Spotify; official site; YouTube channel; Wiki; Facebook; Instagram; magazine covers;]

The Smiths links: Twitter; Spotify; official site; YouTube channel; Wiki; Facebook; Instagram; magazine covers

Further links, Smiths examples: Discogs; allmusic; Pitchfork; Buzzfeed; GQ; Rolling Stone; Deezer;

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