Thursday, 27 September 2018

DISRUPTION Apple News takes the biscuit

This is, as far as the publishing industry is concerned, the dark side of digitisation made plain. With Facebook and Google swallowing OVER 90% of new ad revenue online, and print circulation in freefall, publishers might hope that success through Facebook or Apple News views ('impressions') would balance out this dramatic loss of revenue.

Check out the article below for a stark statistic on how 54k views on an ezine, Slate, bring them more money than 54 MILLION views on Apple News, which is now a bigger platform for publishers material than Facebook.

That should ring some bells with the fierce debate raging over the music industry, especially Google-owned YouTube's controversially low payments.

So, here we see both disruption and convergence (Apple now becoming a key distribution channel for news and entertainment content, consumed on phones, tablets, phablets..., ripping up industry practices in the process).

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