Monday, 24 September 2018

Teen Vloggers

Here's why vlogging is a compelling notion: 
Forbes: seven-year-old YouTuber makes £17.3m in one year

A simple google or YouTube 'top teen vloggers' (worth trying with 2018 added) brings up useful results.

I used just 2 sources to quickly identify a range of relevant vloggers to help contextualise what Zoella does, and provide guidance on what you need to plan for your coursework vlog to match conventions:
MediaKix 2018 top 10 most popular on YouTube, and
list from MostAmazingTop10 channel.

Jaclyn And Casey 


singing sisters, now only 1 in teens, this vid is from 2015 though

JoJo Siwa
very energetic dance instruction vid, watch for editing, sound FX ... and refs ('other') to commercial links...

Website -
Facebook - 475K page likes
Instagram - 7 million followers - 16.7 million fans

Twitter - 383k followers, 6.1k tweets

Baby Ariel

Facebook -
YouTube - joined 22 June 2015, 278m total views
Website -
Halloween vid.

Annie LeBlanc

This is just a preview of a YouTube Red (paid-for) video from her own series.

Brooklyn and Bailey

YouTube - joined 14 Nov 2010, total 873m views

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