Thursday, 22 November 2018

CSP ZOELLA has she had it?


Now sort of rebranding as plain Zoe Suggs, while her bro grooves on the fame-enhancement factory that is the BBCs ratings juggernaut Strictly Come Dancing, Zoella's November 2018 has been filled with mockery for her frankly preposterous new book

As this satire effectively demonstrates, Suggs sees her fanbase as Muggs. She actually does ... literally ... advise using an umbrella if it's raining and spreading butter on bread (her guide on making a ham sandwich. I'd skip the white bread, butter, cheese and ham, but hey)

This, a year on from the widespread, highly publicised controversy over her damnably expensive calendar.

I'll gather further ZS stuff in this post

From waiting lists to unboxing: the bizarre world of beauty Advent calendars

Her 2017 £50 advent calendar was 'widely described as tat'

Instagram: from Facebook's 'best hope' to Russian propaganda campaign tool

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