Wednesday, 21 November 2018

Xmas vid 2018

A reminder of what we've done before (1st one was done trying to use underpowered PCs in my 1st weeks here, thus the greenscreen gaps)

And here's the 2018 contenders.
Think about these when selecting:

  • length (longer = more work?!)
  • pace/style: how might people move/dance to it?
  • lyrics: a lot to cover? any visual ideas?
  • greenscreen: what visuals might you edit behind the performers?
  • the band/artist/costume: any clear ideas?
  • props?
  • instruments: how few/many could be filmed (quicker + easier than lipsynching, helps to get more involved/onscreen)

SHAKEY (lyrics)
With or without the long intro from the video (lyric video is just 3:41 without this)
Lyric phrases: snow is falling; children playing; people dancing

The weird outsider...
Lyric phrases: film refs; 'everyone looks smart + wears a tie'; 'Sony Walkmans + latest video games'

HARRY (lyrics)
Crooner + kid.
Lyric phrases: sleigh bells, build a snowman, circus clown

WIZZARD (lyrics)
Like Slade a classic that 99% will recognise?!? Glam rockers, saxophones, 

Wizzard it is - and here's our lyric timing sheet:

TRAIN (lyrics)
A possible late contender suggested by Amy (note the heteronormative lyrics!)


Check all lines are covered, list any that aren't

  • each take 1 tag at a time; check against the A3 sheets, adding names/notes as necessary
  • if there's a CL1 or V6 (snowman line) check its been tagged as such (ALL tags need checking)
  • ONE person take responsibility for co-ordinating info into a typed list (edit a copy of the lyric sheet)

Add pics + vid clips to shared folder for adding to master Library
Each start with ROUGHLY a 30sec chunk to individually edit (start on more once I've checked + OK'd your edit). I'll do 0:00-0:10 (up to, not including, start of V1):

  • ALEK 010-036 (up to start of C1)
  • EDUARDO 036-106 (C1 to start of V2)
  • AMY 106-133 (V2)
  • BRAYDEN 133-201 (C2)
  • YUL 201-237 (INST + L1-3 of V3)

One person take responsibility for assembling full, final vid, and getting the video file to me by next Thurs lunchtime.

Instructions in this vid, skip to about 2:36.
Download vid from here.


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