Friday, 26 February 2016

EXAM overview including past papers

Read more yourself: all exam board guides are here.
They are free and accessible to parents and students.

This is a controlled assessment.

That means you get the exam paper FOUR WEEKS IN ADVANCE.

You will receive the 2018 briefing paper on Monday May 7th, then have 4 weeks to research and draft answers to revise from. EXAM: Monday 4th June, 930-11 (11:22 with 25% extra time) in ?ZB15 [tbc].

Your teacher cannot teach directly on answering this, but only on the topic for that year:
2016: science fiction films
2017: TV game shows
2018: serial TV drama
You have 4 weeks to research and prepare your responses to the FOUR exam questions.

You cannot take any notes into the exam - you will get a new copy of the briefing paper in there.

This will involve a practical task, such as storyboarding or sketching a layout (of a poster, magazine, webpage etc) and a creative task (coming up with ideas for new texts), as well as requiring evidence of your knowledge and understanding of the Key Concepts, the research you have undertaken to build this, and ability to apply these to the topic.

Research resources will appear on this blog in advance of the exam; you can start exam preparation independently at any time.

Marks are awarded for the following:

Below (click read more) you will find images from past papers, including the resource book you get with this.

2013 exam paper

2014 exam paper and preliminary booklet and glossary of terms
The preliminary booklet, which will typically provide a description of a company that you will produce work for, also includes a glossary of any terms used.

 Here's how the storyboard (if there is one required) is formatted (there are two FULL sheets for this, the image is just a fragment):

2015 exam paper


2016 exam paper

2017 exam/briefing paper

2018 exam briefing paper


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