Friday, 26 February 2016

GCSE course summary

I will be adding further to this post - TBC.

Read more yourself: all exam board guides are here.
They are free and accessible to parents and students.

There are two units, exam (40%, you sit this in Year 11) and coursework (3 assignments, we do 1 and 2 in Year 10, and start Year 11 with assignment 3).

What you should gain from the GCSE.

What marking is based on - the four Assessment Objectives. See additional posts for specifics on each assignment.

There are four 'Key Concepts', major areas of media theory and learning.
Coursework assignment 1 (Introduction to the Media: currently magazine) requires evidence on Media Language + Audience, but you may also reflect on Representation + Institution.

Coursework assignment 2 (Cross-Media: currently film poster + teaser trailer) requires evidence on Representation + Institution, but you should reflect some knowledge and understanding of Media Language + Audience too.

Coursework assignment 3 (Production and Evaluation: currently website) requires evidence of learning on all 4 KCs.

The exam topic is set in advance, so you can start exploring this as soon as you like - you don't need to wait until we start lessons in this towards the end of Year 11!

 A summary of exam content and each assignment is contained in separate posts


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