Monday, 15 February 2016

FILM box office, budget,production practices

As we'll see, there are some key choices made at the production stage that heavily influence the chances of a filming becoming a hit. We will consider only some of these here.

This 3-minute video runs down the top 10 biggest hits (box office is the total amount of money they took in from cinema ticket sales).

As you view this use your handout to note any success factors (or good production practices) you can think of.

Gallery with 2 posters for each, and a main cast list.

Why do you think such films usually cost so much to make?
What choices are made that raise the budget?
(You will shortly be considering what choices to make for your proposed film)

Time to take a break and play a game...

See if you can match these films to the budget provided and the box office, and work out why they didn't do well.
HINT: cast, genre (they all use 'social realism', a genre that doesn't use stars ... or CGI ... or familiar 'posh' characters ... or the usual UK settings [London/South of England!] ... and can be a bit grim, 'downbeat').
There is ONE positive marketing element for all of these, involving places like Cannes, Toronto, Berlin, and newspapers like The Guardian...
How many of these have you heard of or seen?
How many of the 'stars' have you heard of?
They're all award-winning films!
'k' = £000 (so £22k = £22,000)

CTRL-CLICK to view full-size (CMD-click on a Mac)

Here's the trailer for For Those in Peril - what 'success factors' do you see? Stars? CGI? A popular genre? Franchise?

Here's the trailer for This is England - what 'success factors' do you see? Stars? CGI? A popular genre? Franchise?
NB: the full film is 18-rated, but the trailer is cut to enable it to be shown with 12-rated films.

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