Wednesday, 24 February 2016

FILM the AIDA theory

Along with semiotic terms (signifier, signify, signified, denote, connotation etc) and media language terms (shot types, angles etc), you can also challenge yourself to use a little bit of theory.

'AIDA' is a common concept within the marketing and design industry - the resources below will help you identify what this is, and should help you create a smarter poster that is higher impact with your audience ...

This page uses lots of very clear examples and builds 'AIDA' into a 7-step design process.

Think about how the examples below use smart semiotics to tell the story; they encode the meaning through smart use of imagery which work as signifiers, connoting the genre and the theme of sex appeal. The image choice also suggests, or denotes, a female lead. The tagline helps, but isn't too obvious and doesn't clumsily provide anchorage for the otherwise polysemic meaning.

[if any of that is confusing, just ask me to go through it!]

The PowerPoint below uses elements from this website to look at the same idea.

Read more here and here.
The Wiki.
It is used far beyond film posters - see here and here.

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