Friday, 26 February 2016

WEBSITE assignment 3 Production-Eval marking criteria

I will be adding further to this post - TBC.

Read more yourself: all exam board guides are here.
They are free and accessible to parents and students.

Below you can find the official marking criteria for the cross-media assignment.

Click image to enlarge.

Click read more to see the assessment criteria (how marks/grades are awarded) for THIS assignment.

These are the 'Assessment Objectives' that marks are awarded for on the coursework unit

A reminder of how this fits in to the overall coursework unit:

How the exam board describe this assignment. .
Note - all 4 of the Key Concepts of Media Language, AudienceRepresentation and Institution (MARI) are highlighted:

This is the exam broad brief for the website task we work on:
This describes suggested minimums.

Below - click read more for the actual assessment criteria:

'AO4' is split between your production (20) and how you have evaluated it (10).


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