Wednesday, 24 February 2016

FILM what goes in a poster

We will work on a final checklist together, but here are several suggestions that should help you draw up an initial list.

To do so, paste a poster into Word  or Photoshop and draw arrows to where you see these clearly described (denoted) features.

Has the list below missed anything? Are there any more terms you might use?

An example of how you might evidence your research into conventions - is it really comprehensive enough, or is it missing features? Are these the best examples (do they demonstrate all the conventions?)?

there are more examples - click on read more below

Another example of how you might evidence your research. We get some terms here (intertextual), but is it comprehensive, or are we still missing key details?

A third example of analysis. If you were writing this way you would want to use semiotic terms like signify, signifier, denote, connotation, and to identify the shot types (media language) ...


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