Sunday, 14 February 2016

FILM Hybrid genres and pitching

We started with this (PG-13) trailer; listening only to the opening 50 seconds, viewing the rest.

It is an example of a hybrid genre film.

Others are illustrated in the PowerPoint below.

Your task today is this:

You have been invited to pitch a film idea to the world's most successful film distributor, Universal International Pictures.
They are especially interested to hear of any hybrid ideas you might have - no matter how outrageous.
You could combine two existing film franchises (series) or attempt a more original idea.
Either way you need to detail:
  • the budget
  • the main cast
  • the genres
  • which film/s it can be compared to (it should be clear they are successful films!)
  • the title
  • at least one tagline
  • a summary of why you think this film would be box office gold
It would be to your advantage to have some visual aids (maybe even a mock-up poster) to boost your chances of successful pitching and winning funding - but focus on the content first!

Classic taglines; filmsite selected taglines; shortlist poster gallery of great taglines.

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